How to stay focused while meditating

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If you struggle to stay with a meditation then you are not alone. Our minds are very quick to wander off and start a whole lot of mind chatter.  I know that I can create a large  list of tasks that need to be done, while in my meditation practice.  When our mind does canter off  like a free-roaming wild brumby we are not receiving the delightful ‘pause’  that we want to feel through practicing meditation.

So how do we find the pause?

This is one way…

Nose tip gazing

A meditation drishti point or gaze point in Kundalini Yoga is staring at the tip of the nose.  This eye point allows you to quieten your mind and opens sensitivity to the third eye point.

Our optic nerve can send a mulititude of messages to our pineal gland and we can become over stimulated and not notice the messages that we receive.

If your mind is roaming-free then you can try this method to quiten it, so that you can focus during your mediation practice.

  1. Sit in easy pose or in a chair.
  2. Hands in a mudra of choice or on your knees.
  3. Back straight.
  4. Shoulders relaxed.
  5. Breathe normally.
  6. Look along the bridge of your nose to the tip.
  7. Eyelids are light and relaxed, leaving a small opening between them.
  8. Start with three (3) minutes then over the months the duration can be increased.

As you hold the gaze at the tip of your nose notice how your mind slows down.

TIP: Put an object in front of you as this can help keep the gaze in position.

Like with other Kundalini Yoga practices it  does take some practice to master this eye gaze, so just know some days it will be easier than others.

Sat Nam!


Jenny Wren

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Jenny Wren (Sita Simran) is a Teacher & Founder of Jenny Wren Wellness and an End-of-Life Doula | Funeral Celebrant based in Brisbane, QLD Australia. She is a certified Member of The International Institute of Complementary Therapies and a qualified EOL Doula, Funeral Celebrant and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher.

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