After trying some Gong meditation sessions with profound results in improved sleep and overall calmer balance within ourselves, my husband and I were keen to try the Kundalini yoga’s – Detox Your Mind series. Having not done yoga before we were both surprised and how gentle the practice was, and how breathing could have such a big impact, both at the time during the practice, but also afterward in feeling the energy move around the body. This series also helped improve sleep like the gong meditation and detoxed the mind and some of the bodies vital elements for coping, while improving overall resolve and strength both inside and out. Loved the learning along the way about the different elements and techniques that can be used anytime but especially the variety of meditation, all delivered brilliantly by Jenny with many a laugh along the way.


If you have never tried Kundalini Yoga (or like me had never heard of Kundalini Yoga) I highly recommend that you do have a go and I recommend you do so with Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Toowoomba. Jenny’s passion for this practice is evident in they way she conducts her classes and her kindness towards her students. I am far from fit, suffer anxiety and have great mind chatter skills. Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. Toowoomba has been a god send in arming me with the tools I need to help combat these issues. Tools that are holistic and can be used anywhere and any place. I always leave a class feeling so much more calm and relaxed then I did when I got there! Kundalini rules!


I had never tried Kundalini Yoga before (or any yoga for that matter); I’m glad I did! It’s amazing what the body is capable of with focus and breathing. I love the peace and calm I feel from mediation. It’s just a great overall experience for mind and body, I left the sessions feeling invigorated. I highly recommend it! Jenny is great also! She explains everything, from the poses, to the breathing, even down to what’s going on inside your body/mind during each of the exercises (which is good for a beginner like me). Also, do yourself a favour and try a Gong Relaxation Sound Bath! I was blown away by the effect the gong had on me. Everything just melts and the mind is cleared…it’s just an amazing experience!


I had the pleasure of a 45 minute gong bath. I felt like jam...absolutely beautiful experience that was very profound. The effect the gong waves had on my body could be felt for literally days after too...I can't wait for my next experience and to see what happens. Jenny you created such a cool space thank you...gong on!