Yoga for people with cancer

There has been a lot of articles published about  the effectiveness of yoga combined with treatments to help cancer patients in spiritual, physical and emotional ways. Medical research has proven benefits include reducing stress, improvement in sleep, and improve the general quality of life.

The Cancer Council Australia website reports that yoga “as a complementary therapy” has shown to relieve various symptoms associated with cancer. They say that yoga assists in physical and emotional wellbeing.

While yoga does not heal cancer, it is scientifically proven through clinical trials that yoga may offer positive effects such as peace of mind to patients going through a traumatic time.

Consistent pranayama (breath work) practice is an area to focus on as it may reduce pain. Click on the link for my article on Pranayama Benefits for Physical and Emotional Health.

How yoga and meditation for cancer can support you

Yoga & Meditation can become an integral part of an overall healing program for cancer alongside your medical team.

A Yoga & Meditation class will typically include  some or all of these:

  • Tools to assist with stress including emotional support
  • Meditation
  • Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Daily practice for routine to support you during treatment and beyond
  • Sessions to support a sense of well-being

Join a  Kundalini Yoga & Meditation session to feel the support that comes through your practice on the mat.


Jenny Wren

About the author

Jenny Wren (Sita Simran) is a Teacher & Founder of Jenny Wren Wellness and an End-of-Life Doula | Funeral Celebrant based in Brisbane, QLD Australia. She is a certified Member of The International Institute of Complementary Therapies and a qualified EOL Doula, Funeral Celebrant and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher.

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