Sound healing – Gong meditation

Yoga Gong Meditation

Gong sound healing meditation is a unique type of sound practice that involves using calming gong sounds and vibrations to bring about healing. This practice is sometimes known as gong bath as you are bathed in the gong sound waves. A gong meditation is thought to be therapeutic.

The gong practitioner will guide you through the session. Initially the gong is played softly, as the session progresses the volume is gradually increased. The gong sound is changed frequently to avoid producing a fixed, monotonous rhythm. The auditory stimuli or the gong bath process lead to entrainment, modified brainwave frequencies. As you relax into the gong bath the brainwaves states are reached, the first is alpha, which is defined by frequencies between 8 and 12Hz. Alpha brainwaves are associated with creativity and feelings of relaxation. When in this state, people often experience daydreams and animated imagination. The next brainwave stated is Theta brainwaves, which fall between 4 and 7 Hz. This level of brainwave activity is associated with deep meditation, hypnosis and REM sleep.

Personal comforts to experience a gong meditation

It is recommended not to eat a heavy meal an hour or so before you attend the sound healing session. Wear loose comfortable clothes that you can relax in.  If you have a yoga mat, then this is a good resource to lay down on. You can also add a pillow and blanket if you would like some further comforts. If you have a fold back chair (camping chair) that you can lock into position this can be used instead of the yoga mat. Some people even take their level of comfort to blow up beds.

A gong sound healing class layout

We start the class with breathing exercises (pranayama) before laying down on your mat or sit up for the sound meditation. Then you gently close your eyes and allow the sounds of gong to vibrate around you. When the meditation is completed you will have a few minutes of silence before you are guided out of the practice.

Possible gong meditation benefits

  • Liberate emotional and physical blockages
  • Promote vitality and healing
  • Enhances happiness
  • Improves sleep
  • Conducive to healing and transformation
  • Reduces the internal dialogue
  • Induces a state of meditation by calming the mind
  • Helps to recover after illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments
  • Creates a state of relaxation and release of tension
  • Physically releases blocks and tension in the body and stimulates the glandular, nervous and circulation system. It also increases our prana, our life force
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Helps to stop the constant “chatter” of our minds
  • Regenerates the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Awakens higher levels of consciousness
  • Bathes you in a cascade of healing sounds

Gong on!


Jenny Wren

About the author

Jenny Wren (Sita Simran) is a Teacher & Founder of Jenny Wren Wellness and an End-of-Life Doula | Funeral Celebrant based in Brisbane, QLD Australia. She is a certified Member of The International Institute of Complementary Therapies and a qualified EOL Doula, Funeral Celebrant and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher.

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